South Chemical Industry Co., Ltd main aluminum surface chemical treatment agent and other metal surface treatment additives, chemical products, environmental protection, and various chemical raw materials wholesale and retail, technical training, etc. a dragon professional services.

Crown tin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Crown Field Chemical Co., Ltd. has dangerous chemicals storage approved qualification, greatly enhance the group deployment capacity of important raw materials, and products R & D and innovation ability, good customer service to provide a solid foundation for.


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The inventor and the leader of hot water and energy saving in aluminum industry. Successful research and development of advanced products of heat energy, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, completely replace the boiler, efforts to promote the traditional mode of production to the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent direction of development.
Wei Yuan import and Export Co., Ltd.
Wei Yuan import and Export Co., Ltd. will be produced by the chemical additives and raw materials exports at the same time, to the foreign supporting aluminum casting, extrusion, oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying a variety of production machinery and equipment, and cultivate and promote a large number of technical personnel, to provide the perfect service system for the enterprises in foreign aluminum products.
The southern Chinawin International Import Export Company Limited (Hongkong)
Nantian International (Hong Kong) import and Export Co., Ltd. to provide all kinds of import and export business, purchasing, signed on behalf of, customs clearance, transport and insurance services.
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